Our engineers are able to design and install networks based on Cat5e and Cat6 standards. With years of networking installation experience, we fully understand the potential of data networking and can help you to define both your present and future cabling and wireless requirements.

 We can provide specifications, installation schedules and costing tailored to your requirements. Our work can be undertaken on a minimum disruption basis, often being installed outside normal office hours.

We offer:

  • Free site survey
  • Hourly rate or fixed price work
  • CAT 5e or CAT 6 cabling
  • VLAN & Infrastructure management
  • Fibre
  • Cabinets & Patch panels
  • Switches from leading manufacturers
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Installation of new cat5e / cat6 networks & additional cabling / relocation of existing networks.
  • Work around your existing network infrastructure.
  • Testing, troubleshooting & documentation of new & existing data.
  • Procurement & installation of network equipment, such as switches, patch panels & comms cabinets.
  • Communications cabinet tidies and moves.

CAT5e has been the industry standard for many years, cheap and easy to install, it can transmit up to 100Mb of data up to a distance of 100 meters. It is rarely used in new installations due to the requirements of higher bandwidth now provided by CAT6

CAT6 cable is now the default standard of 95% of data cabling installations in offices. Its slightly more expensive than CAT5e in material cost, and the required installation standards are slightly higher. The cable can’t exceed certain bend radii and tighter terminations are required. The benefit is that the cable can carry data speeds of up to a Gigabit over 100m distance, dwarfing its CAT5 predecessor.

With the increased cost of copper and the reduction in cost of fibre, the balance of installation is shifting increasingly towards fibre optics. Fibre can carry 10 times the amount of data over 20x the distance in a single core, reducing installation time and material bulk. Fibre optic networks provide a solid and future proof solution that’s suitable in the majority of situations.